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Let's make a long story short. I grew up in Toulouse, "la ville rose", where rugby is a religion... as well as good food and wine. I left my home town to start my scientific journey in Quebec. During 9 years a series of uncontrolled events had made the person I am now (good or not I leave you the liberty to decide): I earned a master degree, became a Doctor in biology studying animal behavior, filled the duty of representative of Ph.D. students at UQAM, played a lot of rugby and became the president of the oldest rugby club in North America...and in my free time fell in love (just once) and get married (I still am)! In 2009, this was with an heavy heart that I left my adoptive province to continue my scientific journey that made me come back to Toulouse for a post doctoral position. Two years later and after an other series of uncontrolled events (among which the most remarkable ones were certainly to become a daddy of an amazing little boy... and to end my rugby "career" in the club where I started 29 years before), I moved to Bergen, Norway for another post doctoral position at the Institute of Marine Research. During 4 years, I enjoyed the Scandinavian way of live with my lovely family with some stop-overs in Florida as a true snow bird (I was a Visiting Scientist at the Florida International University since March 2013). In November 2014, we welcomed a new family member (Damien) increasing the family sex ratio bias toward males. In January 2016, I joined the Department of Biology - Marine Science program and Fisheries Ecology and Acoustics Lab at FIU as a Research Faculty Scientist. Since 2017, I started a new chapter of my scientific journey as an Assistant Professor at the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium where I am leading the Coastal Behavioral Ecology laboratory.




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